Why are our so-called Black leaders so scared of the 2nd amendment?

In light of the church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina and gun-violence in Chiraq, the nation is again in mourning over many lives being lost to senseless acts of gun-violence. However, there are other groups, who simply used these isolated incidents as opportunities to push their gun-control agenda.

Back in 2013, due to the “overwhelming” crime statistics coming from his hometown and the high-profile murder of Hadiya Pendleton, our dear President Barack Obama decided to unveiled his plan for stricter gun-control. This proposal called for a universal background check and a ban on assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, along with 23 executive orders. As good as this sounds to some people, I can not just sit by and continue to allow people to use our problems to push their agenda. I won’t let gays do it…and I won’t let gun-control lobbyist do it either. All they want to do is use Black-on-Black crime to disarm us so we can’t protect ourselves.

As a big believer in the bill of rights (and I mean ALL of the bill of rights), I’m not going to give up my second amendment rights just because some lunatic decided to murder innocent people inside a house of worship or a bunch of lunatics in Chicago decided to ruin memorial day weekend for some folks. I understand that murder is one of the worst acts of sin imaginable and how it can ruin communities. However–I may sound like a member of the tea-party with what I’m about to say–but there’s not enough murders in the world that will make me give up my guns. If anything, more murders makes people want to buy more guns. Therefore, instead of blaming guns, lets start looking at people who use guns and why.

Lets get one thing straight. Murder has been around since the beginning of time. Murder is in the Bible from beginning to end. Just look at the story Cain and Able. If mankind couldn’t prevent murder with just FOUR people in the world, do you really think that gun-control is going to be that effective? Until 2014, Chicago had the toughest gun laws in the entire country and still do. Chicago also had the highest murder rate of any major metropolitan area over 1 million people. Clearly gun-control hasn’t worked for Chicago. Actually, concealed carry laws may be lowering the crime rate in the city.

Besides guns are just one way to kill a person. Hell, all Cain needed was a good size rock. It was the Bible that proved a little man can kill a giant with a freaking sling shot and we are blaming all violence on guns? Guns or no guns, mankind always find ways to kill people. If we got rid of all guns today, people will go back to stabbing the shit out of each other like we’re locked up. Will we then start pushing for knife-control?…Never mind.

Besides, gun control is not going to solve the Black communities problems with crime, poverty, lack of black-owned-businesses, single-family homes, poor education, mass incarceration, gangs, black-flight, white-flight, jealousy, envy, greed, which is actually the real reasons for most of the murders. Knowing this, why would I give up the best way of protecting myself from impoverished, desperate, greedy, poorly-educated, fatherless, hatin’-ass, gang-banging, good-for-nothing Nii…..thugs? For the bad guys, guns are very violent and very efficient way of murdering people, which is why they love to use them. However, for law-abiding citizens, guns are also a very efficient way of protecting yourself from random acts of violence. Imagine the police fighting crime without guns?

A state of the alarm system, cameras, padlocks, reinforced windows and doors, pit-bulls and the Holy Bible aren’t going to protect you from someone WHO REALLY WANTS TO HARM YOU. Therefore, when all other line of security fails, the gun is the last line of defense. However, if you don’t have one, when people like Dylan Roof bust down your door, then you may be good as DEAD.

Black folks have to understand that, despite how poorly the government has protected our constitutional rights, we are still entitled to those rights. Lets not blame the constitution for our shortcomings. It wasn’t the constitution that infringed upon our rights anyway. It was the American people. Consequently, White people had to be dealt with constitutionally. Constitutional rights really reflects the inalienable rights of mankind entitled to us by #godallmighty, not mankind. Even though the government gave our ancestors civil rights, we are actually entitled to inalienable rights which can not be restrained or repealed by human laws. In other words, after the Civil War, we in control of own freedom. We were just too scared to fight for it so we pressured the government to do it for us. Of course, the powers to be wasn’t going to let Blacks know of their natural rights. This was something we were going to have to figure out on our own.

Theirs a reason why the right to bear arms is the second amendment and not the last. This amendment gives us power to force people to recognize every other rights we have. Now is the time for Afro-Americans to be re-acquainted with the second amendment because it protects every other amendment out there. If we don’t, our ability to protect our freedom of speech, religion, protest, press and assembly will be severely compromised without some way of physically forcing people to acknowledge that freedom. Some day, we may have no choice but to get physical. We had to in the 60’s.

In the 60’s and 70’s, when the police really had their way with the Black community, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seal (R.I.P.) mustered enough courage to exercise their right to bear arms. Despite the real shoot-to-kill policies of that era, the police marched to a different tune when they saw these well-organized, fearless Negros interpreting the second amendment, while holding rifles and shotguns in their faces. Brotha’ Newton studied the law and realized that the constitution was putted into place to protected US citizens from their own government. Because his Black Panther Party understood this philosophy, they became one of the most feared organization in US history. So much so, that in the 60’s, the National Rifle Association (NRA), today’s leading gun-lobbying organization, were so frightened of Niggas with guns that they helped craft and supported the country’s first federal gun-control laws. Being that gun-control laws are unconstitutional and considering the shit our people had to deal with, many Black Panthers rightfully chose to ignore these changing laws. Maybe we should do the same.

I understand that our people have been dealing with violence since Amistad, but I don’t see how punishing law-abiding citizens will be the answer to stopping gun violence or any violence. I’m my opinion, the answer to stopping gun violence is to buy a gun of your own and don’t be afraid to use it. My experience in life has shown me that most people prey on the weak. Therefore, people with guns mostly prey on innocent, unarmed people. So if a little punk even thinks that you’re armed, they will most likely leave your ass alone. It’s no coincidence that this punk decided to attack Blacks inside of a church, instead of pointing his gun into a trap-house full of heavily armed gangbangers. Trap-houses are armed to the teeth. What’s the chance of person bringing a gun inside a house of worships? Even gangs practice gun-control on Sundays.

The truth is that when you allow gun-control laws to be passed, you are only hurting yourself and empowering the bad guys. Gun control laws work in the favor of gangs and organize crime syndicates because it eliminates law-abiding citizens from forming militias (which is also in the second amendment) to protect themselves. Gun-control is a major reason why many Chicago gangs have turned into an unstoppable force. The average criminal doesn’t abide by the law, so gun-control policies do not apply to them (neither does any other law). They simply buy guns out of the same black market they buy drugs and stolen goods from.

Ironically, gun-control laws forces law-abiding citizens to buy their gun through the same black markets. Therefore, gun-control policies become ineffective because it forces innocent people to commit a “crime” to protect themselves from crime. Its not a coincidence that gun possession, not gun-violence, is one of the leading causes of incarceration for young Afro-Americans. Your stance might be that “the law is the law and no man is above it”. However, in my opinion, no man-made law is above natural law. Therefore, no law is above mankind’s need for survival.

The only reason why most outsiders even care about our issues is so special-interest groups and other lobbying groups can promote their agenda. This is why the media and politicians love using Blacks as the poster-children for everything wrong in our society. Therefore, we must be very skeptical when the media finally decides to put our issues at the forefront. Instead of applauding to the media for finally recognizing us, we should be asking ourselves, WHY NOW? Nine times out of nine, when a politician mention tougher gun-laws, harsher penalties or gun control, they are really pushing for modern-day blackcodes that disarms every Black citizen in this country.

If you really think about it. Whether you are pro-gun or for gun-control, we are in the largest gun-manufacturing country in the world. Therefore, guns aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and guns will always be easy to find. Mexico and Brazil has the toughest gun-control laws in the world. They still have some of the highest murder rates in the world. I rather be in Englewood, Chicago then Juarez, Mexico or City of God in Rio De Janeiro? You know Mexicans get most of their guns from the US, right?

We are looking at this gun issue all wrong and allowing our emotions to get the best of us. The powers that be wants their citizens to think with more fear than with common sense. If we learned anything from the Bush administration, fear leads people to give up more of their freedoms. The powers that be have always feared a Nigga with a gun. And now Niggas fear other niggas with guns. This is the reason why we shouldn’t let them use these senseless, random acts of violence to trick us into giving up away our right to protect ourselves. If we are going to protect ourselves from our oppressors, the police and…sadly…OUR OWN PEOPLE, we are going to have to get re-acquainted with the second amendment.

Don’t be fooled by the Black face in the oval office either. Our politicians are powerless against the agenda of the real wealthy and powerful and are too damn scared to stand up to them. Therefore, gun-control is our decision to make and ours alone. So rather than listen to everyone else, we should do what best for us. Nevertheless, if I’m in the hood, you best’ believe I’ll be strapped. I’m not saying guns will protect us from everyone or solve all of our problems, but it will definitely show people that we mean business.


4 thoughts on “Why are our so-called Black leaders so scared of the 2nd amendment?

  1. Ok…. ANYTHING but lay blame where it belongs. I know a people that both have guns, and seems to me that hasnt stopped THEM from shooting…White people. they are the kings of 2nd amendment rights. And they shoot one another. Another group? Gang members. Both sides are well armed. how has the fact that the other guy has a gun stpped any of THEM from pulling a trigga nigga?


    • “How has the fact that the other guy has a gun stopped any of them from pulling a trigga [on a?] nigga?”

      How has gun-controlled stopped THEM from pulling a trigga? I’m not trying to stop anyone from pulling the trigger on me. I just want to make sure that I have a gun on me when that happens. With a gun, I have a 50% chance of living. Without a gun I have an %100 chance of dying. You do the math


  2. ANYTHING but blame the people that are actually doing the dirt in the country. But I’ll tell you what… When whites carry guns in mass, like they do, it hasnt prevented THEM from being mass shooters has it? it hasnt stopped them from engaging in road rage, and all the other stuff they do that they dont get stereotyped for. Also how has the fact that both sides of gangs having guns done thus far? has that stopped anyone from firing a gun at the other? on a larger scale, has a bomb stopped another man from dropping his all these years? People will do dirt to one another at varied levels. If you could snap your fingers, how would you fix it? ALL have guns? then I use it, thats all while your back is turned. Sniper style thats all. Would it matter if Martin luther King was armed? The people or person that killed President Kennedy had guns. SO DID THE SECRET SERVICE. Someone shot Ronald Regan, the people around him had guns. People have shot inside court rooms, Police stations…army bases. Listen….It didnt work in the old west…it doesnt work in Large scales with countries…It wont work ever bro. You have to be a man that doesnt shoot, and BE AROUND those that dont shoot. If you end in unforeseen occurrences and die? bro, you can die from many many things, are you going to live your life in bubble wrap? You will NEVER have that level of security. NOWHERE. what are you actually looking for?


    • Gun or no gun, I did say that if a person wants to kill you, they will find a way to do it. You will never stop murder. I understand that. My argument is that gun-control and dismantling the 2nd amendment only places more power into the hands of the criminal who will get a gun regardless of the law. My answer isn’t to stop violence. My philosophy is that there is no such thing as absolute peace and that some violence is necessary to maintain peace and keep you enemy at bay.

      Having a gun may work or it may not work. I’m more concerned with balancing the playing field, than ending violence. You will never end violence. However, if “ALL have guns”, then everyone will have a fair chance to protect themselves. If people are restricted from carrying guns by the law then most people won’t have a fair chance to protect themselves. They would simply be overpowered by the people who don’t follow the law. I think its common sense that guns aren’t going to protect everyone. However, it will show people that you mean business.

      We’ve been made to believe that ALL violence is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with using violence to protect yourself, family, property and community. THAT’S WHY ITS COVERED IN THE CONSTITUTION. You give up that right, then you are opening up your door anyone who wants to take advantage of you and your family.


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